Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns

What Is a Dental Crown?

A crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that fits over a damaged tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. The crown restores the tooth to its normal function so you can eat the foods you love and speak normally again. It’s also used after a root canal to protect the tooth from breakage.

If you have a severely damaged or broken tooth, it could need a dental crown or other restorative treatment. If your dentist in Fairbanks recommends a crown, it’s because your tooth is weak and won’t support filling material such as composite resin or amalgam. In these cases, a metal base will be used to support your crown.

How Is a Dental Crown Placed?

If you do need to have a dental crown placed on your tooth, the procedure typically takes two appointments to complete. On your first visit, the dentist in Fairbanks will prepare the tooth for the crown by removing the decay. Then we will take an impression of the prepped tooth and send it to the lab. You’ll wear a temporary crown until your next visit when the dentist in Fairbanks will place your final crown and adjust it to make sure it fits comfortably in your mouth.

How Often Do Crowns Need to be Replaced? 

Crowns can be damaged over time by chipping, cracking, loosening, and discoloration. You’ll need to replace a damaged or broken crown as soon as possible to keep your tooth protected and prevent more serious complications like infection. 

Some patients may be able to extend their crown’s lifespan by practicing excellent oral hygiene at home. This includes brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time and flossing at least once every day and preferably at night. You should also see your dentist in Fairbanks regularly for cleanings and exams so that they can spot any potential problems before they cause damage that requires a crown replacement.

What are the Benefits of a Dental Crown?

A crown is a small cap that is placed on top of a tooth to restore its function, size, and shape. It can improve your oral health and the appearance of your smile. Here are some benefits of choosing to get a dental crown in Fairbanks:

  • Protect a weak tooth from further damage or decay.
  • Restore a broken or fractured tooth.
  • Cover a dental implant if you have a missing tooth.
  • Improve the alignment of your teeth.
  • Cover discolored teeth.
  • Support a bridge to replace multiple missing teeth in a row.

If you’re interested in learning more about crowns in Fairbanks, Florida, contact Premier Dentistry to schedule a consultation today!

Will My Insurance Cover Part Of A Dental Crown Procedure?

In many cases, dental insurance will cover some of the cost of dental crowns. However, this will depend on your specific plan. We recommend calling our office to learn more about what your insurance provider covers when it comes to restorative dental procedures. This will help us determine the cost of your procedure and provide you with an accurate estimate.

How Much Does A Dental Crown Cost?

The cost of a dental crown will vary based on a few factors, including the type of materials used and the number of teeth needed to restore your smile. 

If you’re interested in learning more about crowns in Fairbanks, call (907)-456-5600 or schedule an online consultation. You can also visit us at 3112 Airport Way, Suite 2, Fairbanks, AK.

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