Benefits of Using a Night Guards

Benefits of Using a Night Guards

A night guard in Fairbanks is a type of mouth guard that you wear when you sleep. It protects your teeth from damage that could occur from teeth grinding or clenching. There are numerous benefits to using them, such as:

Better Breathing

Snoring is typically caused by an obstruction in the airways, which can sometimes be caused by a crooked jaw or teeth. Teeth grinding can also be a contributing factor to snoring because it causes your jaw muscles to tense up while you sleep. A night guard in Fairbanks is a type of mouthguard that you wear over your top teeth to prevent teeth clenching and relieve pressure on the jaw so that the airway remains open at night. As a result, you may experience fewer episodes of snoring and better breathing throughout the night.

Patients with sleep apnea can also benefit from wearing night guards because they prevent the tongue from falling back into the throat, which can obstruct the airways and cause snoring. In addition, these appliance guards can help you relax your muscles and prevent you from clenching your teeth while sleeping, which can also help with snoring. Some patients even find that their quality of sleep increases when wearing a night guard in Fairbanks. This can even improve daytime functioning because patients are better able to concentrate during the day as a result of a better night’s sleep.

Protect Your Teeth

It’s not always necessary to sleep with a night guard, but sometimes it is very helpful. If you wake up with sore teeth or a headache that goes away when you drink a glass of water, a night guard in Fairbanks might be a good solution to improve your oral health while you sleep.

When you grind your teeth at night, you put pressure on your jaw joints. Those joints are located in front of your ears on each side of your head. This can cause pain in your temples and around your eyes and cheeks. Some patients also experience tension headaches in the morning when they first get up.

Over time, clenching and grinding your teeth can lead to further problems. It can potentially wear down your enamel and even cause fractures in your teeth. Wearing a night guard can protect your teeth from coming in contact and can help reverse any damage done to your smile. 

Improved Comfort

There are a variety of reasons why people may need a night guard in Fairbanks. Some individuals experience teeth grinding or bruxism, which can lead to headaches and jaw pain if left untreated. Others need treatment because they are experiencing TMJ disorder. This disorder occurs when your temporomandibular joint is inflamed or damaged in some way, making everyday tasks like chewing painful and difficult. Most people that wear a night guard do so because they experience TMD discomfort at night or while they are asleep.

Prevent Jaw Clenching

Another added benefit of a night guard in Fairbanks is that it can prevent your jaw from being clenched while you sleep. Clenching your jaw can lead to TMJ disorder or TMD.

If a patient clenches their jaw in their sleep on a regular basis, it could cause the temporomandibular joint to become strained and eventually lead to the development of arthritis in the jaw.

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